Camp Bob Marshall Pictures

With our extensive history at Bob Marshall, there is no need to go into detail on the facilities. A few photos are included here as a brief reminder. Other photos of the camp facilities can be found in the 2001 reunion photos page. Click here to view the 2001 reunion photos page.

The mess hall near the entrance to the camp.

The recreation hall, home of Christmas, bingo, and various other evening social activities.

The view of Bismarck Lake when approaching from the lower part of the camp.

Here is some of the beautiful granite that is so prevalent in the Custer area.

Here is the road that runs through the camp, and eventually to Bismarck Lake.

Canoeing on Bismarck Lake is a favorite activity for family members of all ages.

Bob Marshall cabins, also known as graffiti magnets.

Here is the great open area that gives Bob Marshall such a spacious feeling.

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