Bernice Rodvold Anderson - nee Bornis Anora Rodvold

Born: 27 May 1907, Canova, SD
Married: 21 November 1928, Lake Preston, SD
Died: 14 September 1995, Sioux Falls, SD


My life began on a beautiful morning, May 27, 1907. It must have been a beautiful day, because I have been well and happy. So I thank God for his many blessings to me.

My Mom and Dad were Peder and Kari Rodvold. Always I was a very bashful and a veritable cry baby. I never grew very big, and now at 70 years, I am 4'10" and weigh 90 pounds. Always had a temper, which I am sure I inherited from my Father.

We did not get to go much. Growing up, there was always a baby in the house, so we had to help. Remember Elizabeth Malone driving by to go to the Circus, calling to us to hurry and come too. We all felt a little envious because we of course couldn't go. Incidently, I never saw a circus until Lonnie was three years, and we took him to see one. Even though we couldn't go much, we had a lot of fun. Big swings in the trees double ones yet, and lovely play houses in the grove. We were always pretty good as long as Dad was around, but when he left the farm, there wasn't anything we didn't try. No buildings too high to climb, swinging across the hay mow on the hay slings and dropping into the hay, playing in the grain bins. How we ever survived without any broken limbs, or worse, I am sure I do not know.

We all had our chores to do, from the time we were big enough to do anything. When we were little, Dad always had a hired man to help him. I especially remember John Desetzki. He was from Chicago, and was with us for many years. He was almost like a father to us, bossing us around when we got into things, but he was always good to us. When we grew older we had to help with the outside chores. Milking, feeding the stock, picking eggs, and the everlasting job of bringing in wood and cobs for the big range in the kitchen. And as we got older still, we had to help in the fields, Think I did everything but run the binder, and I guess Dad didn't trust me on that. Thank goodness. The thing I had always hated the most was running the hay bucker, and the thing I liked best was to cultivate corn. All I had to do was turn the horses. They went down the rows, and I could sit and dream. When they got to the end of the row they would stop. I just turned them and away they would go again, and so back to my dreaming, until it came time to turn them again. Great thing dreams. I admit it, I am a dreamer.

I suppose I was about 15 when I was allowed to go to house parties with Ann. We danced, played games and had a great time. Dad never knew we danced. That was a no no. Remember about that time I met my first boy friend. Don't think anyone ever forgets the first love, do they? His name Eugene, and he was tall and very handsome. What fun we had.

So after finishing school I came to Sioux Falls and went to Business college. What a thrill after finishing and that first job, and better still the first pay check. We had many good times during that time too. No one had cars, so we would walk to dances, and walk home. Those poor guys after taking us home, had to walk way back to their own homes.

In January 1928 I met Cliff and we were married November 21 of that year. Ann and Lud were married the same day. Dad, who at times could come up with some great wise cracks, said when a car drove into the yard, "Here comes the Blacksmith." Someone said what would he be doing here, and Dad said "he's is going to do the welding." It was the minister of course.

Lonnie came along in September of 1930. We were living in Watertown at that time. "The Dirty Thirties" We had nothing, but then neither did our friends, but we had a lot of fun and good times anyhow, Jerry came along in 1937. Both grew up and never gave us any problems. Both put their time in service, Lonnie was overseas, but Jerry was in the States. I have three Grandsons, Steven 14 years old and way taller than Nana, Brian who is 9, and Travis who is 5. All very nice boys. They also have a cat Sampson. Lonnie and Elaine also have a cat "Ole".

In 1932 Cliff took the position as Greenskeeper at Elmwood Golf Course. (He didn't know grass from weeds) but he attended schools in Minneapolis and Joined the National Greenskeepers and got to be a top Greenskeeper. He was a hard worker and made friends very easily. Built many golf courses, and trained many to be greenskeepers. Don you owe your start to him. Belonging to the Nat'l Association, we traveled all over the United States, into Canada and Mexico. Cliff was a wonderful traveling companion. He enjoyed seeing everything and went out of the way many miles, so as not to miss anything. So every year we had a wonderful trip, saw much of our Beautiful Country and made many new friends. They are among my fondest memories.

In 1949 Cliff started Dakota Turf Supply. Had a partner, but bought him out the next year, and that is when I came into the business, where I have spent 27 years of my life at hard labor. Both boys are in the Business now, and it has grown steadily over the years. Lonnie is the President, Jerry Vice-President, and I have the great title of Sec-Treas. Cliff was never too active in the business, he had too many golf courses to build, and take care of, but he contributed greatly to the growth of Dakota Turf. Cliff was always, first and last, a Greenskeeper.

Cliff was not too well in 1964 and 1965, and in November of 1965 went into hospital. After ten days he left us, and my children took over and took care of everything, which is a great thing at at a time like that, I am sure. I can never complain about my boys and girls. Theyhave always been tops.

I continued living in my home for three years, but the upkeep and the snow was just too much for me, so I sold it and now haste a lovely apartment which I enjoy very much.

Now it is twelve years later. I have continued to work, although only part time the last few years. I take a day off for golf in the summer and a day off for bowling in the winter. Bowled in three leagues a week for years, but I decided it was too much, so I now bowl once a week, and enjoy it very much. Have always loved bowling and golf.

Had a wonderful trip to Switzerland, what a beautiful country, although I must admit I was a little leary of being up in the blue so long, but it was great. Have made. two trips to Arizona, once to Chicago and last year went to Las Vegas. Great fun, I have been well, have many friends and enjoy life.

So on this happy note, I leave you. My very best to all of you.

Be Happy - - Keep Smiling.

Bernice (Bea) Rodvold Anderson,


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