Robert Reuben Rodvold

Born: 5 May 1926, Lake Preston, SD
Married: 27 July 1947, Oldham, SD
Died: 6 December 2006, San Diego, CA

I (Bob) was born on May 5, 1926, Mom and Dad took one Look at me and said this is the END -- We have lost our touch for making children. But Mom and Dad loved and cared for me in spite of it all.

The beginning of things I really remember of my childhood was in the early 30's when we moved to the Spence farm. Even though there was dust storms and crop failures in 33 & 34 there were good times to remember such as card parties, when the neighbors got together and all of us kids would have such a good time. One time when the folks were playing cards with the Ahnberqs us kids kept setting the clock back and when they finally went home at 2 A.M. it was really 5 A.M.

Beryl and I had alot of fun in our play house in the choke cherry trees. I remember one morning when I didn't want to go to school and Phil chased me out of the yard and when I got out to the road where I thought I was a safe distance from him I Hollered back and said some day I'm going to get somebody to pin your ears hack. I always looked forward to hunting season as Bern and Cliff would cone up and spend a week and I could drive Cliffs car while he rode on the fender to hunt pheasants. One time Ann and Lud were up to the farm with their new 38 ford and the Goats and turkeys got up on the top and hood of his new car. We thought it was kind of funny but unfortunately Lud didn't go along with our sense of humor. Later in the day Beverly didn't want to drink her milk as it wasn't pasteurize, but Lud said not to worry about it as the cows had just came from the pasture. One time during the Dist. Basketball tournament at Arlington, Mike Mormon and I stayed at Orp and Floyds for two days. We really had a good time. I can't understand why Pergie never got married, I guess it was because he couldn't choose between all the pretty girls that use to come and see him at the farm. In 1942 Bud came home from Calif. with his brand new Nash. Sometimes when he took out his girlfriend I'd get to drive the car. Need I say more.

Watermelon day was a big yearly event I looked forward to it with great anticipation. I saved my money all summer so I could ride all the carnival rides with my friends and girlfriends and the watermelon was always so good. Mom always worked hard in the Lutheran Ladies Aide hamburger stand but her reward was a ride on the Merry-Go-Round at the end of the night.

Christmas is a great event to all children, but I always looked forward to it as Aggie always came home and spent a week with us. In 1937-38 FLorence, Art, Don and Lil came home for Christmas from Calif. I'll never forget all the time Mom spent baking and cooking for Christmas and all the Christmas presents she would make for everybody. On Christmas Eve she was always busy wrapping packages and waiting for some to get unwrap so she would get paper to wrap some more. One Christmas Dad surprise her and gave her a new watch she was so over joyed tears ran down her cheeks. Christmas was always a joyous time.

Being the yougest of the family I had the advantage being alone with Mom end Dad the last 3 years I was on the farm. During these 3 years I became very close to the folks.

In May of 1944 I graduated from High School and in January of 1945 I went into the Merchant Marines. In July when I was home on a 10 day leave I spent most of my evenings with a sweet lil girl name Maxine Helfinstine who I fell in love with by the time my leave was over. We Got married July 27, 1947. Our marriage has been blessed by Peter, Shirley, Jennifer, Jefferie and Kim, Tom, Scott, Mikalean and Rusty, Debbie, Neil and one on the way.

All though I feel I had a happy life and was blessed with a wonderful family, Happiness really came into my life in September of 1971 when I accepted Jesus Christ into My Heart as Lord and Saviour, this was truly A full fillment of my life.

I love you all and Jesus Loves you too.

Your Baby Brother BOB

Robert Rueben Rodvold


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