2001 Rodvold Family Pictures Page 2

Becky and Chloe enjoying a game of Norwegian bingo.

Mona, Steph, and John in a cut-throat game of Norwegian bingo.

Santa Carl.

Steph and Uncle Bob are mighty amused at something!

If the game is strip poker, Uncle Bob appears to be losing.

A pickup volleyball game to work off the meatloaf.

Bev, representing the first cousins, carries the American and Norwegian flags during the opening ceremonies of the Rodvold Olympics.

Mighty hoopsters.

Adult three-legged race at the Rodvold Olympics.

Youth three-legged race at the Rodvold Olympics.

A pair of cakes to go with the hand-cranked ice cream for the thirtieth anniversary celebration.

The Bridges Boys put their bulging biceps to good use. Jake looks impressed.


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